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for the remaining 2018 available dates only. Offer expires June 24, 2018


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We are now booking for the 2018 - 2019 wedding season.

Besides our standard packages outlined below, we also offer  custom designed packages to meet the individual needs  of our clients. Please e-mail us or call us at 717-569-4665. We look forward to scheduling a free wedding consultation for you to view a full wedding video in High Definition, evaluate your options and design a package that is perfect for you.

As of 2017 JKM Productions is using exclusively 4K Video Cameras. Our Regular Prices on top of each package are for Standard Definition 16:9 wide aspect ratio delivered on DVD format only.
Additional prices apply for High Definition delivered on Blu-Ray disc or Digital Files. You must have a Blu-Ray HD player to view these discs.


4K Broadcast Digital Cameras - Digital Non Linear Editing & Post Production Custom Personalized 3D Effects and Openings - Full Length Film Edited from 2 to 4 hours depending on your package or short film customized to your preferences - Chapter Searches - Custom Design DVD Label & Insert - 1 page website with highlight recap for family & friends to view (excludes Affordable ). - Back up Equipment - Free Consultation.

Ultra Deluxe      $3150.00
2 Videographers, 3 HD Cameras, Up to 10 Hours Coverage

Deluxe      $2750.00
2 Videographers, 3 HD Cameras, Up to 10 Hours Coverage

Premium      $2350.00
2 Videographers, 3 HD Cameras, Up to 9 Hours Coverage

Basic      $2050.00
2 Videographers, 3 HD Cameras, Up to 9 Hours Coverage

Economy      $1750.00
2 Videographers, 2 HD Cameras, Up to 6 Hours Coverage

Affordable      $1450.00
1 Videographer, 2 HD Cameras, Up to 6 Hours Coverage


$500.00 Love Story at park w/ 60 photo-montage
$300.00 100 Photo Montage, can be shown at
$230.00 Projector with Screen HDTV-Sound system
$110.00 55" LCD flat wide screen HDTV monitor
$300.00 Highlight Recap with Music approx. 6 - 8 min.
$300.00 Trailer Video online within 2 to 3 weeks
$200.00 Extra Hour of Coverage
$200.00 Authoring DVD-Menu-Chapters
$200.00 Extra Camera no Operator (Ceremony only)
$300.00 Extra Camera with Operator (Ceremony only)
$450.00 Extra Camera Wedding and Reception
$150.00 Growing up Photo Montage (30 pictures)
$100.00 Pre Ceremony
$200.00 Preparation at Bride's or Groom's Home
$200.00 Rehearsal Coverage up to one hour
$ 30.00 Extra Wedding DVD or Blu Ray Disc each
$ 50.00 Extra Flash Drive

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