Aerial Drone Videography & Photography Services

Take your marketing experience to the next level with quality drone videography and Photography done with FAA Certified Pilot and experienced video operator giving you the ability to showcase your location from a new prospective.
Our drones produce stunning aerial images and video footage at a fraction of the cost of hiring a manned aircraft.

Aerial Drone Video

Additional Services

Real Estate:
Selling your home or land? Let us create a cinematic visual from a birds-eye view of your property. We blend Video and still pictures bringing your listing to a higher level.

Commercial Property:
Stunning high resolution video and pictures will highlight your property, location and the surrounding areas and with the added skills from our high end editors we will showcase the beauty of your property and its architectural details.

Corporate Video:
Adding aerial video showcasing your company's proximity to major arteries, shopping centers etc. will enhance you marketing efforts. If you are located in an restricted air space or within a controlled airspace near airports JKM Productions can obtain an authorization through LAANC or FAA. In such a case we will need advanced notice at least 2 weeks prior to flying on your location.

Exterior Inspections:
Our drones are capable of reaching the exterior of buildings at a cost effective way by taking high resolution images for the purpose of inspection and mitigating damages to a property. It is safer and efficient.

JKM Productions will add aerial footage of the venue and outdoor activities as we see fit. There are weather and location limitations that prohibits flying drones in areas close to airports, military installations, restricted airspace, poor visibility as well as fly directly over groups of people and emergency response efforts.

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JKM Productions has a FAA Certified drone pilot that offers our clients professionally edited 4K resolution cinema quality video and 20 Mega-pixel areal photography done by experienced drone operators that renders smooth cinematic footage.