Corporate Video

Corporate video has become by far the most effective marketing tool in use today allowing you to actually showcase your company, demonstrate your products and explain to your customers how you can solve their problems.


Great corporate video does not have to consume your budget, but it does require a well defined script to refine your message and vision. For the project to be successful it is crucial that the client is actively involved in the development of the storyboard which helps in the next stage of the project


By using the latest High Definition video production cameras, audio equipment, lighting, Support equipment, Heavy duty camera crane, dolly and camera crane combination, steadycam, 15" studio teleprompter, UHF true diversity wireless mikes from Sennheiser Sony & Azden will ensure that the results of your visual presentation will have an impact on your final project. We also have an in house studio equipped with a Green screen and an assortment of different backgrounds to help you with your production needs.


Our studio is equipped with 2 high-end digital editing suits featuring the Adobe Creative Studio, DaVinci Resolve and Matrox hardware for real time monitoring. We have the skill and creativity to harness the power that these digital tools have to offer.


The final presentation can then be delivered to you on any medium that you would like. From Broadcast to Internet, JKM Productions has the ability to convert your video to reach your target audience making sure your video is compliant with the specification requirements for each of the different mediums. We will help you post your video on your website or on any of the major Internet video sites.
We want you to Succeed by providing you with stunning quality at reasonable prices.

Video Samples


JKM Productions has produced powerful, cost-effective, high quality video presentations for businesses and individuals throughout South Central Pennsylvania.

Local, Regional & National TV Commercials
Instructional Videos * Training Tapes
Seminars & Conferences * Product / Service Demos
Legal Matters * Reenactments
Video Brochures * Corporate Video Profile
Script Writing * Story Boards
Set Design * Set Budget Guidelines
Research & Development * Define Client’s Message
On Location Multiple Cameras
Studio * Lighting * Audio
Off Line Editing * On Line Editing
NLE Digital Editing * 3D Digital Effects
3D Animation & Graphics * Color Correction
Duplication * Slides Photos to Video
8 mm, Super8, * 16mm Film to Video * Digital Foreign Conversion
CD-ROM Production * DVD Authoring * Blu-Ray Authoring
Web Video * Web Design * Flash Presentations

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